The Almyrida Resort, as an eco friendly hotel, is operating with green in mind. In recent years in many touristic destinations, overexpansion of infrastructures and development has shown an impact on the environment. In the Almyrida Resort we consider sustainability as a top priority, not only for our own establishment but for the area of Almyrida, a place of natural beauty.
- The Almyrida Resort is awarded with the Green Key award as part of our focus to sustainability 
- 90% of our conventional bulbs have been replaced with energy saving bulbs.
- Natural gas is being used for cooking in our kitchens, limiting the use of electricity, with a more environmental friendly source of energy.
- Our gardens are automatically watered at night, to maximize the amount of water actually used for watering and to eliminate the loss of water due to heat during day.
- We measure three times a day locally the quality of water in the pools, and once a month further chemical tests are made by a certified laboratory
- Rooms are equipped with key cards, shutting down electricity and heating/cooling when guests are not in the room. For hygiene reasons, only the fridge is not affected.
- Heating / cooling units do not operate if the balcony doors are open.
- We encourage guests to re use their towels, and place them on the bath/shower/floor when they want to change.

- Kitchen oils
- Plastic, paper & aluminum using the dedicated recycling bins of the public authorities and “DEDISA”
- Glass is brought to Nearby Glass Blowing Factory in Kokkino Horio. We also encourage guests to visit the premises and support the local establishment, whch also offers a huge variety of glass products made from recycled glass.
- batteries, in cooperation with “AFI”.
- Unused / non functioning electronic devices are recycled through our partner suppliers.

- Sustainability is not only about the environment, but also about the life in the region we live in. Many members of our team live in the area of Apokoronas, and the hotel contributes to many jobs in the village, supporting the village, as many shops depend on the hotel guests. 
- In the hotel premises we host a library of books, which is being taken care of the Apokoronas Environmental Group. Books are subject ton an optional fee of 1 euro which is spent on local charities. 
- A big part of our food and supplies is purchased from local producers.

- We take great pride in the members of our team, 
- The majority of our team has been working with us for more than 10 years which explains the happiness of our staff, which in the end reflects on our provided service.